Our Services

Research/Ideation Services

  • User Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Storytelling

The ability to understand and empathize with users is fundamental to great product design. Our user research services provide your product team with an understanding of user goals, needs, day to day challenges, and answers to all the why questions that occur when defining a product. Our expertise includes field studies (where we engage with users in their work environment), interviews (one-on-one sessions where user behaviors and motivations can be discovered in a greater level of detail), and survey administration (reach a greater, geographically diverse, number of users or use as a follow-up to a field study/interview).

Our competitive research service will help differentiate your product from the competition. Just Right UX will gather data on competitive product features and design patterns used for various tasks, giving special attention to more challenging tasks. This information will help your product team understand where its product is ahead of, and behind, the competition. Our research will also include products in other verticals that potentially contain innovative design ideas for your product.

Ideation and storytelling sessions following user and/or competitive research provide the perfect setting for reviewing the data gathered, discussing its implications, and brainstorming innovative user narratives and design concepts.

Design Services

  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Formative Testing

Our goal in designing a product is transparency: the interaction and visual design of the product should reinforce the user's primary goal and tasks, and not "get in their way." In other words, the user interface layer between your user and their goal should be as thin as possible. Just Right UX will work with your team to map out the most optimal product flow given user data and business/product requirements. Our knowledge of user interface patterns, human interface guidelines, and design best practices will ensure that the most transparent, efficient, and aesthetic design is created.

We also conduct formative usability testing as the design is being created to get quick feedback from real users. This ensures that the design is progressing in a way that works for the users before anything is documented or coded. This type of testing works especially well in agile software development since it occurs within a design sprint.

Usability Evaluation Services

  • Summative Testing
  • Expert Review
  • Heuristic Evaluation

Usability testing is the best way to uncover issues in a product's design, understand why the issues exist, and fix the issues with a high level of confidence. Just Right UX will observe actual users working with your product, record data about the issues encountered, gather performance metrics for the tasks performed, and collect additional feedback from the participants. Once the participant sessions have been completed, we analyze the data and provide a report detailing the issues discovered with prioritized recommendations for improving the product's user experience.

In an expert review Just Right UX utilizes their knowledge of human factors, design best practices, user interface patterns, and human interface guidelines to discover where users are likely to have difficulties with the product. Depending upon your requirements, we can review the entire product or a subset of the its functionality. Following review and analysis, you'll be provided a report detailing our findings with prioritized recommendations to improve the product's user experience.