Fri Jun 30 2017

Introducing Hua

Hua (simplified Chinese for flower) is the tool Just Right UX uses for its blog. It's a static content generator developed after we considered a number of CMS/blogging platforms (dynamic and static) and decided to create our own tool. One of our requirements included reuse of existing styles, includes, and other assets to save time and, more importantly, ensure a seamless look between the primary website content and blog. Hua allowed us to meet this requirement and took significantly less time to code than adapting a theme from another CMS/blogging platform.

Hua Logo

Hua is written in the Ruby programming language and was inspired in part by the venerable Perl-based blogging tool Blosxom and similar static content generators. Simplicity is one of its core principles: the database containing blog entries, the blog content, includes, and template files are maintained in plain text. Comments are provided through a through a third-party engine like Disqus or IntenseDebate.

Hua is in the early stages of development: we'll be adding to it over the next few months to support markdown, full tag functionality, and other features. While the code is currently hosted internally, we plan to eventually host it on GitHub to encourage other interested contributors. If you can't wait and are interested in Hua now, get in touch.